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Q: What is a medium?

A:  A medium is a person who senses changes in the energy around them and gathers information about it. This energy/vibration/frequency is read and then translated by the medium so that energy can be better understood. A medium is gifted and skilled in intuition, psychic ability, and maintaining the high vibration necessary to discern spirit energy. 


Q: Are all mediums psychic?

A: All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.


Q: What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A: A psychic perceives energy and can note changes in the information coming from a person, a spirit, in a living body. Psychics can sense signals from the energetic body and physical body. A medium is someone who perceives information as a psychic does but also receives energy and impressions not always from a spirit within a living body. A medium can sense other entities and energies, not within a living human body, such as deceased people, angels, and demons. 


Q: What is clairvoyance?

A: See the definition of all the "clairs" here


Q: Did you go to school to become a medium?

A: No. But, I did attend school to further my study of mediumship and learn more about my abilities. I am a Certified Spirit Medium from the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts. You can learn more about me here


Q: Why would someone see a medium?

A: People get readings from me to learn more about their current energetic state. A reading from me is like a second opinion for your intuition. My clients are seeking intuitive guidance and needing encouragement. Mediums and their work vary, but I use my discernment to encourage people, help them gain insight into their own intuition.  


Q: What do you do as a medium?

A: I translate the language of frequency in a way you can understand. I use my God-given gift of discernment. I do not conjure or summon spirits. I interpret the changes in energy around clients as I raise my vibration. A reading isn't about prophecy, but about deeper energetic understanding and encouragement. And as a Christian with the abilities/spiritual gifts I have, I want to add to the discussion of science and spirituality.  


Q: Can you give me the winning lottery numbers?

A: No. 


Q: What if I have questions about my future?

A: During a reading prediction can happen, but your future and any choices you make are entirely up to you. 


Q: Do you connect to your own loved ones and receive messages from them?

A: No, not in the way my clients connect to their loved ones. I do see signs and symbols such as repeating numbers from my loved ones that have left this physical world and that is always comforting. 


Q: Do you work as a medium on paranormal investigations? 

A: My abilities have been helpful in paranormal investigations for family and friends. Also, I was co-owner of the company that created the TAPS app. This mobile application gave anyone with a smartphone or tablet the ability to gather and document possible paranormal evidence in their own home. My abilities were useful in testing this mobile application. 

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