Intuition 101 - $9

Intuition 101

How amazing would it be to...

  •     Enjoy a positive outlook on life.
  •     Maintain a higher energetic vibration.
  •     Notice synchronicity and miracles around you.
  •     Make better choices for yourself more quickly.
  •     Put an end to self-doubt and confusion.
  •     Learn to trust yourself and your instincts. 
  •     Live a life that you love!

Through this course you will learn:

  • How to recognize intuitive signals
  • Why the gut is considered to be the second brain
  • How to evaluate your current intuitive state
  • To connect to intuition like you did when you were young
  • Myths about intuition and why they aren't true
  • Gratitude journaling exercises that raise your vibe instantly
  • Ties between emotion, energy, and intuition
  • Why intuition is important in business
  • About balancing your intuitive and analytical minds
  • Daily practices to support everything you learn in this course
  • Self-care practices and why this is vital to listening to your inner knowing
  • How to get out of your head and into the present moment
  • Intelligence and intuition go hand-in-hand
  • Why taking action on intuition is key  
  • To trust your inner voice of intuition and rely upon it
  • How clearing residual energy from yourself and your environment helps you listen to your intuitive signs
  • How to use your intuitive connection to create your best life and benefit others 
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Love the Intuition 101 course!
— Eric
I did the 101 class and really liked it!
— Heidi


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