It was a blessing to receive such a powerful message from my late grandmother through Kim, a strong and gifted medium. The messages I received were clear and couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time in my life. Kim forged a palpable connection between two souls who, however separated physically, are forever linked through the ether. Thank you, Kim, for the validating and spiritual experience.
— Annie
I was honored to receive an email reading from Kim and the intuitive connection and insight she provided me was way more than I expected. The insights were completely on point, and the amount of details she provided were incredible. The best part was the amount of love and kindness she provided. She went above and beyond and offered wonderful ideas and ways that would be beneficial for me. I would definitely get another email reading from her and highly recommend her work. She is truly a gifted intuitive and full of love, light, and care.
— Ashley
The reading that Kim did for me, made the spirit world alive again for me. I did the reading and was anticipating an unknown. The information she heard and relayed to me was intriguing & insightful. From a Pastor who doesn’t normally understand such things, I was spiritually humbled. Kim is very personal & stays focused on the reading and guiding you thru the meaning.
— Kyle
“Oh. My. God! This is what you feel from me? I LOVE it! I love the stars! I love the flow! I love it ALL!
Thank you SO MUCH! I just don’t know what to think! It is just beautiful!”
— Kat
“Kim is truly gifted! Without any information from me, she was able to see many things that have great significance in my life. I also appreciated her read of my aura and how she saw my energy body. I would really recommend Kim to anyone who is interested. I feel like she connected deeply with me for my reading.”
— Mary
Thank you so much for your quick response. I have enjoyed this reading and feel that it’s accurate and meaningful.
— Alana
Kim the Medium
Thank you again for the painting. As intended, it gives me a sense of peace. In fact, we have it displayed in our living room and when I walk by, I smile. Thank you again. This will give me comfort when I feel down. Thank you.
— Melanie
Oh, Kim. A deep, deep, bow of gratitude to you for this gift. Your reading absolutely resonates, even as I *know* I don’t have a full understanding — yet!
Thank you for the reminder that there is a great beauty SOOOOOO much larger than what we may remember day-to-day. I know I’ll be returning to this reading again and again.
— Stacy
Kim gave me a wonderful gift tonight! She was so right on I am still blown away! I love how Spirit connects. Thank you again, my friend, for your beautiful gifts.
— Heather


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