The Spirited Life Project helps you discover and develop your psychic gifts and live the life you were  always meant to live

~Do you feel like you might have psychic ability?

~do you feel, see, and hear things you can't explain?


~would you like to balance mind, body, spirit, and your abilities?

~do you want a better energy flow to tap into inspiration?

you're here for a reason. you were led to this course. 

you can create your best life while fully accepting and embracing your psychic gifts.

not doing that? i understand. i've been right where you are. 

that's why i created the spirited life project.


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The Spirited Life Project Module One

Module One 

Live a more heart-centered life

chakra alignment

intention setting

daily spiritual practice

understand psychic gifting

In Module One, grab your journal and dive right in! A beautiful intention card is included in Module One, that you can download, print out and use to help set the tone for the month ahead. You'll learn grounding, centering and aligning for your chakras. Lay the groundwork for the entire course by learning several methods to balance your chakras. You'll create a foundation to work from as you discover your psychic gifts. You will understand why mind, body, and spirit are equally important and require balance. Design a daily spiritual practice and learn how to maintain it. We will explore the many ways you can live a more heart-centered life once you discover your unique abilities. 

The Spirited Life Project Module Two

Module Two 

Take action on inspiration

gratitude journaling

raising your vibration

intuition development

psychic gifts training

We'll dive into inspiration and how it flows from a place of gratitude and high vibration emotions. You'll learn ways to heighten your energetic vibration quickly and remove blockages to inspired thinking. Working through a psychic gifts inventory training will allow you to discover your strongest psychic gift and exercises to strengthen it. This act of using your psychic gift takes practice to become a habit, but we will practice taking action on inspiration because this is where the magic happens! We will make sure any issues that arise from this heart-centered work are cleared away through a study of intuition development, so you can fully develop your intuition and psychic gifts. 

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The Spirited Life Project Module Three

Module Three

Boost your creative genius

tackle creative slumps

the sixth sense

sacred spaces

crystals and chakras

Who doesn't want to use their newly discovered psychic gifts to boost that creativity? I share all my secrets for skirting a creative slump using your psychic gift and intuition! I will show you exercises to strengthen your clairvoyance and other supernatural senses. As a Certified Crystal Therapist, I show you how the metaphysical properties of crystals can be used to balance your chakra system, boost intuition, and support development of your psychic gifts. You will learn how to use your psychic gift as you create your best life and help others, no matter your place in life, relationship, or career! 

The Spirited Life Project Module Four

Module Four

Deepen connection to your community

grow in confidence

fight overwhelm

strengthen your gift

share with your community

I'll tie everything together in Module Four, building upon the lessons learned to help you continue to strengthen your gifts. I give you a roadmap of ways to incorporate your gifting into your daily life and grow in confidence. You can conquer the fear of using your newly discovered gifts! You will learn techniques I use in my work as a psychic spirit medium to continue development of your gifts. I show you ways to fight energetic overwhelm through grounding exercises and self-care practices. Provided are additional journal prompts and a daily structure designed to assist your psychic development. You will deepen the community connections you've spent a lifetime building and find new ways to use your psychic gifts every single day.    

The Spirited Life Project Bonuses


101 Affirmations: These keep your energetic vibration high and humming along day-to-day. These can be used day after day and will support your intuition and psychic gifts.

Sixth Sense Exercises: These special exercises will help you continue to strengthen your supernatural abilities. These build on the exercises included in the Four Modules.  

How To Develop Your Intuition E-Course: Kim shows you how intuition keeps you in connection to your purpose and helps you create your best life. This is a perfect refresher course anytime your intuition needs a boost.

Kim the Medium


Kim, a psychic spirit medium with clients around the globe, will guide you on a self-paced journey of self-discovery through The Spirited Life Project. The exercises, spiritual practices, charts, assessments, and instruction are all part of Kim's mission to share the joys of intuitive living and encourage the development of psychic ability. She will guide you into discovering your psychic gifts, strengthening them, and teach you how to lead your best, most authentic, spirited life. What are you waiting for? Don't let anything hold you back!

Discover and develop your psychic gifts and live the life you were meant to live! You can begin today!

upon checkout, You will receive the entire course - four modules plus all the bonuses!


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